Haitian Lutheran Mission Project

Preparing for our next trip to Haiti. We have 6 people going to Port au Prince the first week of June to meet with the Pastors from the Jeremie District. We have had to change our plans several times since we started planning this trip but that is not uncommon when the trip involves Haiti. Pastor Tony Durant from Trinity Lutheran Church in Delray Beach, Fl will be heading this project. Our focus will be a Pastor’s Conference. Pastor Daniel Bartley from Immanuel Lutheran Church will also be joining Pastor Tony in providing support and instruction to the Pastors and church leaders from Jeremie who rarely get any formal education. Two nurses will be joining the team to provide medical support and hygiene classes to the Pastors and 10 teachers who have been chosen to attend the conference. The 10 teachers have also been selected to participate in our micro loan project. They will be interviewed and carefully considered to receive $200.00 to start a small family business to become self supporting.There will also be a sewing class offered and bracelet making for those interested in starting their own small business.