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Welcome to the Feeding Ministry page. 

We appreciate your interest in this wonderful ministry that we have here.

The Feeding Ministry is an ever evolving team that is continually doing the work of serving meals to communities that have been affected by natural disasters. In conjunction with this important work, we also provide our talents to other groups who might be in need of our services.

Louis Pellissier
Louis Pellissier,
Peggy Pot

As mentioned prior, the Feeding Ministry is continually evolving. About ten years ago, the ministry team began cooking at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis as a way of showing our thanks to those students and faculty in the pastoral formation process. From there we branched out and have cooked on university campuses in Austin, Texas, Selma, Alabama and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This campus outreach is designed to show students the love of Jesus by simply reminding them that they are not alone and they are cared for and loved by complete strangers. It is truly a blessing to see the smiles on the faces of those receiving our meals.

In addition to university campuses, our Feeding Ministry has been deployed to various disaster sites around our beautiful country. We have brought warm and delicious food, friendly smiles and the love of Jesus to communities that has been devastated by hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes. The Feeding Ministry has cooked in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after severe flooding. We have cooked in Moore, Oklahoma after a devastating tornado. We have cooked multiple years in the Houston area after flooding.

Cheramie Pot
Irene Pot

But our Feeding Ministry also likes to support other non-profits and worthy causes that share our values. We have cooked for youth organizations and local animal shelters to help them raise money for their causes. We have set up our trailer and served youth and adults that attended the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans.

As you can tell, this ministry tries to stay busy. We rely on your donations and prayerful support to make this happen. If you are currently looking to support a ministry, consider us as we reach out and share the love of Jesus, one plate at a time.