Reggie McCue
Head Elder

The elders assist the pastor of the Village in all areas of ministry. Our Elders gather quarterly for Bible study and fellowship.

Village Church Elders:

Richard Bohnet, Nick Capace, John Carver, John Harrison, Rickey Kastner, Reggie McCue, Chip Newman, Joseph Reding, Phil Soileau, David Stewart, Tim Weckwerth.

Duties of an elder:

1.  Assist the pastor and be responsible to the congregation for all matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the congregation.

2. Consider the complaints and grievances of members of the congregation, if Matthew 18:15-16 has been fully observed, and they shall report to the congregation those, which cannot be otherwise adjusted, in accordance with Matthew 18:17-18.

3. Make every effort to induce members who have been negligent in their attendance of services, and in the use of the Sacraments, to mend their sinful ways and to fully enjoy the rights and privileges of their membership.

4. See to it that all services are conducted in such a manner as conducive to worship among those in attendance.

5. Assist the pastor in arranging for pulpit assistance, special services, and guest speakers.

6. Appoint and supervise ushers and head usher.

7. Prepare a list of candidates, when the congregation is to call a pastor.

8. Be an example of Christian conduct and conversation.




     Two members of the congregation, Gerald Knighton and John Carver, were installed into offices of ministry at the Village Church-Lutheran in Lacombe, LA on Sunday, July 20, 2014.



    John Carver was installed as Elder and Lay Communion Assistant.  John is an instrumental part of the Village Elders. His ministry is to help bring Holy Communion on a regular basis to our ‘shut-in’ members.  John brings a wealth of knowledge and love to this position.




     Gerald Knighton was installed as Elder, Chaplain to the Elders and Lay Worship Leader.  Gerald Knighton brings over 40 years of ministry experience to the Board of Elders. Gerald served in the parish setting as a pastor and also served over twenty years as a chaplain in the military. Gerald will help Pastor Paul in ministering to the needs of our congregation. Part of his duties will include hospital visitations and leading worship services as needed. We thank God for bringing Gerald and his wonderful wife Karen to our congregation.


14-0720GeraldK1  14-0720GeraldK2 

Gerald Knighton is installed as Chaplain to the Elders and Lay Worship Leader at the 8:00 am service on July 20, 2014.




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