Fellowship & Outreach

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            Fellowship/Outreach has three primary areas of focus:  1)  Leading members to  understand our responsibility as Christians to share the Gospel message with others, and to properly equip them to do this; 2)  To reach out to members and the community with spiritual and material assistance; and 3)  To promote a variety of fellowship activities.


            We interact with area residents by working with the John Davis Recreation Center for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  We help with the initial planning and get involved with attendee check-in, reading the Resurrection Story to the assembly, helping distribute prizes, insuring that everybody gets a full-color copy of the Resurrection Story, and even furnish the Easter Bunny costume!  For the last few years, there have been well over 300 people in attendance.  We have assisted with the annual Halloween Party as well.


            The group also seeks to respond to local needs.  Last year we learned that 40 local elementary school children lacked blankets at homeā€¦these were supplied within a week of discovering this need.  We are now providing food for a dozen or so local young children to ensure they have weekend nourishment.  This has become a congregation-wide activity and we have committed to continue throughout the school year.  The congregation is asked to donate non-perishable, easy-to-access items that young children can open and eat without needing any cooking or preparation.  Our Sunday School kids assemble a variety of different food items into grocery bags each Sunday, a bag for each child.  This is the Kids-Helping-Kids part.  The bags are then delivered to the school during the following week for distribution on Friday afternoon.



 There are direct congregation-related activities as well. A new Care Ministry for members is currently being developed.  There will be crisis assistance, provision of food after hospitalization, during an extended illness, and after-funeral church service receptions.  We plan regular telephone checks for the homebound and to help with transportation and other needs.


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