John Carver



            The simplicity of the group’s name could be misleading, as there is a lot of responsibility involved. Let’s look at the big picture.


            The Outreach aspect would be considered the area of greater importance since it’s our job to first, lead our members to understand their Christian responsibility to share the Gospel message with others; and second, to help equip them to do this. This educational process is on-going with the help of Pastor Paul and outside professionals as well.


In addition to witnessing, we also seek to identify, and respond to unfulfilled needs in the community. We also work with the local community center to ensure that the annual Community Easter Egg Hunt includes both verbal and written presentations of the story of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection for all present. (Over 300 people attended in each of the last two years.) There is also coordination with the Community Center for a Community Halloween event.


Fellowship event production is the second aspect. We promote fellowship among our members (and guests alike) by planning and executing events such as Family Nights, the annual Church Picnic and the Thanksgiving Dinner, as well as providing support services for other group activities as well.


All are invited to be part of the group, and church membership is not required to participate. Meetings are the first Monday of each month at church starting with supper at 6:30 PM, and the meeting usually is over by 8:00. Join us not only for the good fellowship, but to also be a part of guiding others to more Christ-centered lives.

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